Where she belongs✨

Een frisse blik op spiritualiteit, even relativeren✨
15 oktober 2022
Waar ligt jouw persoonlijke uitdaging✨groei✨ en ontwikkeling✨de komende tijd!
12 juli 2023

Where she belongs✨

Where she belongs✨

She didn’t belong to her roots.
With her senses, compassion and truth she never fitted in.
Her real self was rejected and
so she let the river drift her to shore.

She built herself a new life,
with the wind as her father,
the moon as her mother,
he animals as her friends
and the divine as her guide.

The years went by and while
the water splashes against the rocks,
leaving a perfect shimmer,
the difficulties that she has overcome
made her soul grown and shine.

She began to live her own
vision teached by life itself.
She had find her real cosmic roots
and there,

she belongs.

model in the picture: my daughter